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Happy New Year

Latest Community Updates

Welcome to our newest members of the Del Mar community .

Annual Meeting Feb 25, 2020, 7 PM @ Clubhouse. Elections for Board members will be held if we meet quorum. All homeowners are encouraged to attend. Additional information will be mailed shortly.

Annual Assessement. HOA assessments $655, can be paid in two installments. 1st installment $355 due Feb 1, 2020. 2nd installment $300 due April 1, 2020. Late fees will be added to any payments received per installment after these due dates. Payments can be made via Beacons’s website

Collections - All past due accounts have been sent the collection agency. If you have received notices, please do not ignore; interest and fees will continue be applied until accounts are brought current (or payment plans established). We encourage anyone that is past due to work with the collection agency or attorney to establish a payment a plan. Collection efforts will continue including but not limited to garnishment of wages, bank account or placing a lien on property.

Violation Notices - If you receive violation notices, the first notice is a warning, do not ignore as multiple notices for the same infraction will carry a fine of $25 per day until resolved. If left unresolved or unpaid your account can be turned over to collections. Homeowners are encouraged to communicate and work with our community manager to resolve the issue.

Curb appeal - Although we are in the winter season, due to ran and warm temperatures, weeds are starting to appear in lawns. Applying pre-emergent to the lawn can help prevent weeds and aid in curb appeal. Per our community standards all lawns should be maintained and weeds treated. Trees should be trimmed or cut back not to hang over side walk. All dead plant material should be removed from flower beds, and mulch refreshed or added. It is recommended that homeowners enlist the help of professional lawn treatments services if attempts to self treat are unsuccessful.

Street Lights - Report any street light outages to georgia power , you will need the pole number or nearest address

Parking - Parking on the street is highly discouraged as this can impede traffic and make it difficult for school buses or emergency vehicles to pass.

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