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September Community Updates

Greetings Neighbors Here are the latest community updates:

Pool - Pool will remain open until Sept 22, 2019. Pool hours 9 am - 9 pm.

Community Yard Sale - Sept 28& 29. 8 am - 2pm at individual homes.

Volunteer - We need your help, if you are willing to lead a committee please email We are looking for individuals with fresh ideas that will take ownership, and great with planning and communication. It is a great time to step up and get involved.

Collections - Collection efforts have started with a collection agency, additional fees will be incurred on all collection accounts which are paid for by the homeowner whose account is past due. Do not reach out to Board members directly, we respect your privacy so please do not communicate any personal request to board members. All collection questions will be handled by the collection agency and Beacon Management.

Parking at Amenities Clubhouse Parking Lot - Clubhouse parking lot is for homeowners use during clubhouse rentals and use of amenities only. Cars left in the parking lot over 24 hours will be subject to towing at the owners' expense.

Street Parking - For safety, homeowners are encouraged to always park in their driveway, not blocking the curb or parking overnight on the street. Cars that are abandoned, unregistered, or have expired tags are subject to ticketing and towing.

Lawn Care - Lawns are still in active growing season and should be cut at least once every two weeks and treated for weeds. If you received a violation notice please do not ignore it. If you have questions about your citation, please contact Beacon and make arrangements for corrective action.

Communication - At the direction of the Board, when possible Beacon will send out communications via email. Emails provide a method for us to get information to you as fast as possible, and at minimal cost. If you do not have an email on file, please contact Beacon. Information regarding Annual meetings and other legal documents will be sent via regular mail as required by law.

Pets - this is a reminder to pick up after your pets, if you are caught, fines can be imposed by Gwinnett County.

Tennis Courts - The tennis court access is given via fobs, You must be a member in good standing to gain access. Homeowners are reminded that the tennis court should not be used for any other purpose other than playing tennis. Riding bicycles, skateboarding, rollerblading and other non-tennis related activities are prohibited. In the meantime if you would like to use the tennis court please contact Gail Lupo Tel. 404.946.4482 Management - . Our community manager is Gail Lupo. Her contact information is Tel. 404.946.4482 | Fax 404.228.3303 .

Lastly, we all live in this community, if you see something say something. The parking lot area is a magnet for people to hang out. Gwinnett County has been notified and will patrol often. If you see something suspicious within our neighborhood, please call the non emergency number 770.513.5700

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