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Community Updates

Greetings Neighbors Spring is here and pollen season is upon us! Here are the latest community updates: We need your help, if you are willing to lead a committee please email We are looking for individuals with fresh ideas that will take ownership, and great with planning and communication. Architectural and amenities committee needs leaders. It is a great time to step up and get involved. Management - We have finally transitioned. Beacon is our new management company. Our community manager is Gail Lupo. Her contact information is Tel. 404.946.4482 | Fax 404.228.3303 .

Assessments - If you are having trouble paying your assessment and have not communicated a hardship or made arrangements to set up a payment plan, please contact Beacon as soon as possible. Do not reach out to Board members directly, we respect your privacy so we want to make sure that this is handled directly with the management company.

Entrance Lighting - Lighting was repaired at one monument of each entrance. Currently power is only available on one side and is costly to add to the second side. The solar lights installed on the second side a few years ago did not work well. We will continue to explore options for the second side.

Pool - The pool vendor will begin preparing for pool season, the pool opens May 23, however there will be a period of time that the pool will appear green. This is because the cover has been on for the winter season and the pool will be cleaned, treated and prepared. We will not distribute wristbands this season but we are actively working on a plan for monitoring. Please note anyone that is caught vandalizing, jumping the fence or destroying the property will be prosecuted without exceptions so let's make sure our children, visitors, friends and young adults are aware of the consequences.

Tennis Courts - The tennis court locks and netting were damaged due to vandalism. The access control will take time to repair. We are actively working on solutions to monitor the tennis court and surrounding areas. Homeowners are reminded that the tennis court should not be used for any other purpose other than playing tennis. Riding bicycles, skateboarding, rollerblading and other non-tennis related activities are prohibited. In the meantime if you would like to use the tennis court please contact Gail Lupo Tel. 404.946.4482

Landscaping - Improvements will continue including refreshing of pine straw and adding seasonal flowers. Empty lots on Mare Pond, Bentley and Trophy Club will also be monitored and cut as needed. The removal of burned trees from the playground is still on the list and will be revisited.

Clubhouse - Online reservations is coming soon! More details to come...the rental rates increased from $150 to $200, the deposit remains $150. This increase was communicated by Beacon at the annual meeting. Rates increased for cleaning and use fee. Lastly, we all live in this community, if you .see something say something. The parking lot area is a magnet for people to hang out. Gwinnett County has been notified and will patrol often. If you see something suspicious within our neighborhood, please call the non emergency number 770.513.5700

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