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Fob Access

Fob access issues has been resolved. There was an issue with the circuits in the access panel, this was due to recent storms. Even though the panel is on a surge/backup battery somehow the access panel was effected. The vendor will try to figure out how to prevent this issue in the future.

We are also working with HMS and the vendor to put together an after hours process for people that have access issues due to fob activation.

If you are still having access issues please email, provide the date and time of access denial, which access point (main pool, gate by bathroom, tennis court, clubhouse), fob number and street number. The Board will work with HMS to review and communicate a resolution.

If you do not have a fob or require additional one, please contact HMS, Inc.

Association Manager: Michael Shinners

Main Phone: 770-667-0595 Main Fax: 770-667-6315 Direct: (770) 609-1618 Fax: (770) 609-1718 Email:

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