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Welcome New H omeowners

All homeowners responsible for setting up billing services for the power, gas and water utilities.  Utilities vendors that service our area are listed below:

  • Buford Gas - website  

  • Georgia Power - website

  • Gwinnett County Water - website 

  • Cable - Comcast/AT&T

  • Satellite - Directv

Trash service is provided by the City of Dacula:  Pickup Day Wednesday Until July 1, 2018.  Starting July 1, 2018 Pickup Day Changes to Tuesday 

The fee for this service is included in your city tax bill.  Trash and recycling containers should be stored from view when not at curbside on trash day.

Trash and Recycle Bins can be purchased from City of Dacula. Trash Can: $55 (price subject to change, please check City of Dacula website for more information.)

Recycle Pickup Day is Friday

Bi-weekly on Friday . Note that GLASS of any sort is no longer a recycled material. Please dispose of glass waste in your regular garbage.

Schedule can be found on City of Dacula webite:

Management Company

The Del Mar Club at Harbins Owners Association, Inc. New Homeowner Details

All new homeowners are encouraged to access the Beacon Management Services website for The Del Mar Club at Harbins. 


To Access your account for payment you will need an account number that is given to you during mailing or contact or phone 404-907-2112




The Association features two entry monuments, a clubhouse, two tennis courts, a cabana with restrooms, a covered portico, a pool, and a kiddie pool with mushroom. The pool and cabana restrooms and tennis courts are access controlled. Please contact Beacon Management Services to receive an electronic access fob.  


To reserve the clubhouse please contact  Beacon Management Services. 404-907-2112, option 1 or email Christin Gresham 


Use of the Tennis courts is on a first come first serve basis, access is given via your fob


Architectural Guidelines

If you want to paint, improve or make any exterior changes you will need to get approval from the Architectural Review Board (ARB) before you begin the project. Contact  Beacon Management Services for all requests 404-907-2112, option 1.  or email Christin Gresham  

Pet Management

Dog Owners

This Association enforces the Georgia leash law. All dogs must be on a leash at all times when outside the unit. Dogs cannot be tethered or left unattended outside.  Owners not abiding by the governing documents are in violation and will be fined.


 Conflicts in regard to loose or stray animals shall be directed to Gwinnett County Animal Control at 770-339-3200.

Prolonged barking by dogs can become a nuisance. This should be handled through Gwinnett County Animal Control at 770-339-3200.

As a courtesy to neighbors, pet owners are responsible for cleaning up their pet droppings while walking them in common areas, in the County rights of way, or on other homeowners property. Any conflicts are to be resolved by involved homeowners or Gwinnett County Animal Control.


  • Homeowners are encouraged to keep vehicles in their garage and are requested to keep garage doors closed as much as possible when not in use.

  • No vehicle may be parked on any yard, only in driveway

  • Parking of vehicles on the street is governed by Gwinnett County, but discouraged by Del Mar. Improper parking and dangerous or unlawful street parking should be reported to the Gwinnett County PD at 770-513-5100.

  •  No school bus, truck or commercial vehicle, house trailer, mobile home, motor home, RV, camper, habitable motor vehicle of any kind, boat or boat trailer, trailers of any kind, or like equipment, shall be permitted to be stored in open view on residential property for longer than a 24 hour period.

  • Twenty-four hours is considered sufficient time to prepare the vehicle for storage or trip. The purpose of this guideline is to assure that the above vehicles will not be parked or stored in open view on residential property on a regular basis.

  • Commercial vehicles regularly driven by a resident shall be parked in the garage when not in use. 

  • All passenger vehicles parked in public view and not in a garage must be operable, licensed, may not be unsightly, and must be driven on a regular basis. 

  • Overnight parking is not allowed in amenities area.  Any vehicle found in the amenities parking area over 24 hours is subject to towing. 

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Welcome to Delmar. We hope that you have settled into our community .  This page will provide you with tips to get to know our community and our city.  If you have additional questions please feel free to use the contact us link


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