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Get  Involved!

The are many ways to become involved at Del Mar!  We have various committees that need members. Current committees are Social, Amenities, Block Captains; additional committee can be formed at the discretion of the board of directors. Interested residents of the community are invited to volunteer for committees where they have an interest or skill and can make a contribution to the community. Please fill and list all of the committees on which you would like to participate.   If you don't have time to join a committee but can participate per event, let us know that too! THANK YOU!


  • Social Committee - Develops social programs according to the needs, and interest of the community; develops programs for all interest and ages.   We are looking for volunteers per event.               

  • Amenities Committee - Responsible for ongoing review and management of community amenities. Work with pool monitors to ensure proper measures are taken for safety and enjoyment.  Make sure clubhouse is secure and trash receptacles are placed at the curb on designated day. Review tennis court to ensure trash and other items are removed.  Empty trash on playground and place in proper receptacles.  Additional duties are needed.


  • Block Captains - Identifies safety hazards, develops programs to promote the safety and security of the community, inspects common areas and equipment, and recommends improvements.

Success! Message received. We look forward to working with you.

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